Ken Wilber on integrity


“You have the sense that the person won’t lie to you, because they haven’t lied to themselves. Of course, if you live in the world of the lab technician, the empiricist, the behaviorist, the systems theorist, the cybernetic scurrying, the monological madness – you don’t particularly care about interior truthfulness, because you don’t particularly care about interiors, period – not in their own terms, anyway. You just want monological truth, objective surfaces, empirical behavior, systems networks, and you don’t care about interior depth and sincerity and truthfulness – in fact, there is nothing on the empirical maps even vaguely corresponds with truthfulness! Truth, you see, doesn’t have a simple location, and it is not a merely empirical state of affairs, so it appears on none of the empirical maps. Not on a physicist’s map, not on a biologist’s map, not on a neurologist’s map, not on a systems theory map, not an ecosystem map. If you are alive to depth at all, you will come to know that depth in yourself and in others through truthfulness and sincerity and truthworthiness. The essential point is that the way to depth is blocked by deceit, blocked by deception. And the moment you acknowledge interiors, you must confront the primary roadblock to accessing those interiors: you must confront deception and deceit. The truth alone will not set you free. Truthfulness will set you free.” – Ken Wilber, A Brief History of Everything (p.110-111)


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