A Jungian take on sin


Perfection can only be arrived at from what is conventionally thought of as sin – which must truly have to do with the energy created by the friction of opposites – If I’m right, only the clash of destructive forces can create something new.
The sexual drive is a demonic and destructive force at the same time a creative force in the sense that it can produce out of the destruction of two individualities a new being – But the individual must always overcome resistance because of the self-annihilating nature of the sexual act.

– via David E

A Dangerous Method

“My definition of a devil is a god who has not been recognized. That is to say, it is a power in you to which you have not given expression, and you push it back. And then, like all repressed energy, it builds up and becomes completely dangerous to the position you’re trying to hold.” – Joseph Campbell


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