A screenplay for a short film for 3 actors


by Wooden Thomas (Thomas J Haywooden)

Elizabeth is walking down a road in Winfield Park.

Soon Micheline comes up to her walking an invisible dog.

Elizabethbends to one knee greeting the dog, who is licking her face , she giggles lifting her face up ward”.

“What kind of a dog is that”? Elizabeth asks.-”It’s an invisible dog, replies Micheline.


They walk on down the street together in beautiful Winfield Park. Then they come upon Harry in a wheel chair with a Ukulele singing an old Nat King Cole Classic:

“Look at me, I’m as helpless as a kitten , up a tree”!

“Can you girls please help out my cause?” Harry Asks from his wheel chair.

“What is your cause today?” Asks Elizabeth .

“There is a terrible virus effecting the local wild parrot population”

Micheline says “Parrots”? “I don’t see any wild parrots”.

Harry: “Exactly! But you will if you donate what ever you can right now”.

As Micheline goes into her purse to look for cash her invisible dog gets loose.

“Oh No Pepito!” “Come Back!”


Elizabeth Barker then says to Harry”What was your cause the other day?, werent you trying to save bees from cell phone distortion a few days ago?”

“I did” replied Harry. “And it’s an ongoing cause and it’s working!”

Elizabeth: “Well, good for you man, I don’t have any money on me”

“Well, it’s always great to speak with you any way says Harry.


Micheline comes back holding Pepito . Elizabeth Barker: “What was he chasing?”

-”his own shadow” Micheline replied.

Harry: “How does an invisable dog cast a shaddow?”

Micheline: “It’s probably a spiritual thing , like an Illusion.

Harry ” An Illusion of the self!”

Elizabeth: “ Someone ought to start a cause , a campaign to fight against the shaddows casted by such a misleading self perception that runs away like that”.


Micheline then cleans up some invisable dog poop.


Elizabeth (suddenly) “Oh my God!” I see a couple of red parrots over there”!

She walks off screen.


Micheline gives Harry five dollars and walks away.


Harry waits about 20 seconds folding the five dollar bill into his wallet and then gets up out of his wheel chair and walks away.




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