“When I love” & others by Nizar Qabbani


When I love
…I feel that I am the king of time
I possess the earth and everything on it
and ride into the sun upon my horse.

When I love
I become liquid light
invisible to the eye
and the poems in my notebooks
become fields of mimosa and poppy.

When I love
the water gushes from my fingers
grass grows on my tongue

when I love
I become time outside all time.

When I love a woman
all the trees
run barefoot towards me.

She said to him:”Do you love me and I am a blind girl even with so many beautiful attractive girls on earth??”
“You are a stupid man or you feel sorry for the blind girl”

He said:”I am a lover my sweetie. The only thing I wish in my life is to be my wife. God had gave me a lot of money and I don’t think the cure is impossible.”

She said:”If you give me my sight back, I will accept you my destiny. I will spend whole my life with you. But who is going to give me his eyes??”

One day, he came to her in a hurry. “I found the volunteer. You will see the creation of God, do what you promised me and be my wife.”

When she opened her eyes and he was holding her hand, she saw him and screamed.
“You are blind too!!!” She cried for her bad luck.

“Don’t be sad my love. You’ll be my eyes and guide. When will you be my wife?”

She said:
“Do I marry to a blind man and I can see now?”

He cried and said:
“Who am I to marry me? But before you leave me I want you to promise me to well take care of my eyes”


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